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Vendor Overview

Do you have a business or service that potential brides and grooms might be interested in? The West Texas Bridal Showcase is the place to showcase your services!

West Texas Bridal Showcase offers wedding vendors the opportunity to advertise on our website, giving them exposure to brides and grooms all over the West Texas Region who are hunting for wedding vendors.  Currently, we offer the following advertising options:

Category Listings
Our Wedding Directory includes a categorized list of wedding vendors in and around San Angelo and beyond.  Your category listing will include the name of your business, your address, phone number and links to your email address and website address.

Banner Ads
When it comes to websites, people respond more to graphics than text.  Our website pulls ads from our many vendors and displays them at random as banner ads on the right side of SanAngeloWeddings.com, changing everytime someone click a link to a new page.  These ads can be up to 360x300 pixels and link directly to your website, if you have one!

Rotating Banners
Displayed at the top of every page, our rotating banner ads give you maximum exposure to brides and grooms.  Each ad is 10 seconds long and can be animated for more visibility.  Each time a user access a new page on the site, the rotation is created randomly as it cycles through all of our vendors with rotating banner ads.

Other Options
We would be glad to discuss any other advertising ideas that you might have about our website.  We can also offer ads in our large framed area at the top of the page, or even larger banner ads.  Please call us at (325) 792-7100 to discuss these options.

Booth space is limited and filling up FAST, so call us NOW to reserve your booth!



(325) 792-7100